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Project management, supervision, organisation and advice.

Need help and advice ?

I can supply help and advice at all levels for your project, whether it’s a new bathroom, a large extension or whole house renovation.

The most important part of the process is the planning stage, if you get this wrong, then putting it right at some stage during the building process will cost more, sometimes significantly more.  It always pays to get the start right, then you have a good chance of a successful outcome.

Planning includes more than just having good  drawings or sketches of what you would like. Even small jobs of a few days are improved by a decent bit of planning.  These are some of the items that need to be sorted out: 


 Specification of materials needs to be clearly laid out.  Do you want those doing the building work to use the cheapest materials and products they can find?  Quality exists in building products in just the same way as other manufactured goods.  Specifying the materials correctly will help you get a first class job.

Specific standards of materials should be used for many building jobs. For example, timber has different strength grades.  Depending on the design of the floor, a particular strength grade will be needed, do you know what they are or how to check? 

Plywood is available in many thicknesses and grades, do you know which one should be used on your new flat roof?  Get it wrong and you will have problems in the future.


There are as many different ways of carrying out a piece of work as there are building workers.  Not everyone thinks about what they are doing or the way they are doing it. 

Having a work schedule helps everyone, you will know approximately when significant stages are reached, such as a wall being removed, no hot water available for a day, a large delivery of materials which will need to be stored somewhere, and perhaps most important, how your property will be kept secure while the work is carried out.

Without good organization you can easily end up with a garden filled with building waste and a house full of new materials and half the floorboards missing.
Time and effort spent on this type planning ALWAYS pays off.


Landscaped garden project


The owner of this property made it quite clear at the beginning that the lawn was his pride and joy and he expected it to be protected during the work. The landscaping work was quite extensive so a method was worked out to protect the lawn. 

This picture was taken on the day we finished the walls and paving, as you can see the lawn remains perfectly intact.


 Whether you use a one-page estimate as the basis of your agreement with the person doing the work, or one of the multi-page standard contracts that are available, it needs to be complete with the correct information if it is to be any use. 

Both parties to the agreement need to be clear on what is expected of them.  Otherwise any problems with the work could lead to disputes and that always means a delay in finishing the work and probably more costs for both sides. 

The plans and schedule are a vital part of this contract and both need to be correct and clear if it is to work.


If you need some sort of  advice or project management, I can provide it on an hourly or daily basis, or for the whole period of a building project. If you send me a few details of your project I can quickly let you know how I can help and give a rough guide to the costs.


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