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An example of one of our kitchen projects.

This kitchen had a large and not very attractive chimney breast taking up a major part of one wall.  I was able to advise how best to alter it. 

The breast had already been altered several times.  It was holding up the chimney sections on the first floor and above the roof, at least six tons of brickwork. Thus the alterations had to be done carefully with parts of the brickwork re-built to take the load correctly.

The floorboards were  also replaced with plywood to give a good surface for the floor tiles.  Additional floor joists were added to reduce the flex of the floor and avoid the grout joints cracking in the future.

The heating and water supply pipes were also replaced and re-positioned while the floor was up.  Improving the pipes is very important if a tiled floor is to be fitted, avoiding having to break up the floor to carry out repairs in the future.



completed  kitchen



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