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You would like to change part of your house.  Will it work? Can you do it?  Will it affect the structural stability of your house?  How should it be done?  Getting the answers to a few questions such as these before you start planning a project could save you much time and trouble. 

I have removed walls, moved stairs, changed the shape of roofs, converted lofts, converted basements, fitted new heating systems, cold water systems, moved roof tanks, and fitted new hot water systems many times. 

There are usually many ways of carrying out  improvements to a house, you want it to work better, be warmer, better ventilated, nicer to live in. Getting it right first time is not easy, similarly doing the work in the right order and the best, most efficient way is also not easy.  I can give you a short verbal assessment of what you are proposing, or a written report based on my experience over the last 25 years.  Fees can be either hourly or daily based.


outram road disaster

Case study

This half of a semi-detached house was left after the rest collapsed into the cellar after work was started.  The remaining half couldn’t be saved and it all had to be demolished.

If those involved in the work on this house had consulted the right people, the house may not have collapsed into the basement when alterations were started in the cellar. 

Fortunately a few alarming noises gave those working there time to get out and no-one was injured. 

This is an extreme example of what can go wrong when altering a house, but all structural alterations should be planned carefully. 

Some walls are helping to hold up the rest of the house and the roof, others are mainly just holding themselves. 

It’s not always clear what is holding what, getting it wrong can be very costly!





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