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Ken Askew - KSQ Building ServicesMy name is Ken Askew and I set up KSQ Building Services over 25 years ago. I operate as a sole trader, live in Southsea, Portsmouth and have a small group of trusted subcontractors I work with regularly. During the last 25 years I have worked on many different types of house across southern England and acquired all the different skills needed to build a house from digging foundations to finishing the decoration.

I have a background in engineering, studying to degree level. This often helps when structural problems occur in a project.  It also gives me a good  understanding of the first principles of heating systems, ventilation systems and heat losses from buildings.

I always aim to do any work to the highest possible standard. ‘Getting it right’ is not only the correct way of working, it is also often the most efficient to obtain the right result.

As you can see on my home page, I now offer a range of services to help anyone planning repairs and improvements to their home. This includes working alongside anyone who wishes to do some of the work themselves. Although I have been working as a building contractor for over 25 years, I am still learning all the time. I enjoy fitting heating systems and bathrooms, its very satisfying when a new system heats up for the first time or seeing the big improvement a new bathroom gives to a home.

If you wish to use the knowledge and experience I’ve spent a long time acquiring, please contact me.


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