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KSQ - your complete building service

KSQ Building Services provide a full range of building services, from start to finish. From your first ideas to final decoration, we can assist you with the whole process.

Here is an example of one of our recent kitchen projects:


Re-fitting bathrooms is the currently the largest section of work done at present. I am not tied to any particular supplier so I can supply and fit any bathroom suite and tiles you would like.


Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and costs. Whatever you budget I can work with you to design a kitchen that suits you. I can supply and fit any kitchen that is available, using parts from different suppliers if you wish. Alterations to walls, floors and ceilings also carried out quickly and efficiently.

Solar hot water systems

One way of reducing your carbon footprint is to have a solar hot water system. The Suns’ energy is always free. Solar systems need to be designed specifically for your house and occupants. 

Project management, supervision, organization and advice

Employing someone to help you organize your project will initially cost more, but you will have the benefit of all my skills learned over the last 25 years. By employing me to help you, your project will be organized properly, the correct materials will be used and the work will be supervised and done properly. Thus the final result is usually better and the total cost often cheaper.


You would like to change part of your house. Will it work? Can you do it? Will it affect the structural stability of your house? How should it be done? Getting the answers to a few questions such as these before you start planning a project could save you much time and trouble.


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